SPAR Group began 50 years ago as a retail technology pioneer providing crucial in-store data. Throughout the years we have remained true to our beginnings by investing heavily to lead the industry in technology innovations.

1.World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards June 2014 Benchmark Study
  • First to provide sales data analysis for calculating trade promotion profitability
  • First to bring the web to the Merchandising industry
  • First to test RFID merchandising solutions in a retail environment
  • First to introduce wireless technologies
Today, we continue to lead the way with SPARtrac, the first, and most advanced, Global Retail Service Operations System. The culmination of years of development, SPARtrac is a proprietary, SPAR-built-and-owned technology system that is second to none, managing over 170 applications across five continents to speed information flow, streamline processes, optimize the efficiency and accuracy of our people, and maximize our clients’ profits.


1.World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards June 2014 Benchmark Study
The SPARtrac Retail Service Operations System is a fully automated, universal, multilingual platform for planning, managing and reporting operations on a local, national and global scale, from a macro view to an individual SKU view.

Among its 170+ applications, SPARtrac seamlessly manages everything from finding Merchandisers to managing them, collecting data to generating reports, accountability to accounting.

Key system highlights include: 
  • By far the most comprehensive retail service operations system in the world
  • No limit to the amount of data points that can be collected
  • Uninterrupted data collection with no connectivity required
  • Data automatically updated and pushed to clients
  • SPARtrac RSS dashboard and SPAR On The Go mobile dashboard for web and mobile devices
  • Automated analysis through pictures, videos and graphs
  • GPS-enabled execution maps for real-time individual store results and analytics
  • Topline and store details for Exception Management
  • Fully automated issue tracking and resolution system
  • Fully customizable to each client’s specific needs
  • Integration with retailers and brand marketers
  • The same multilingual and bilingual system for all countries
  • Scalability, Stability, and Security (as a publicly traded company, we adhere to the strictest audited guidelines)
  • Flexibility for communication ease: EDI, FTP/SFTP, XML
  • Six Sigma reliability with multi-server Private Cloud and ISP crash protection
  • 24/7/365 tech report

SPARtrac literally keeps your merchandising programs on track with a host of key benefits: 

1.World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards June 2014 Benchmark Study
  • Quickly alerts you to changes in in-store conditions
  • Allows you – and SPAR – to address challenges and take corrective action immediately
  • Gives you more comprehensive control of the in-store environment
  • Far more options than competitive systems
  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Adaptive technology and proactive staff to provide new solutions before you request them
  • Incorporates global learnings for continual updates and enhancements
  • The most accurate data available, including edit checks to prevent erroneous data collection and data validations
  • Ability to test “what-if” scenarios
  • Full transparency – data is never massaged and is available in real-time
  • Can be up and running in a new country in less than 30 days
  • Dependable and expandable
  • SPAR’s commitment to cost-cutting and efficiencies
  • SPAR’s continual focus on developing new tools
  • An “always-on” global SPAR IT team to provide solutions to your needs
  • 24/7/365 tech support worldwide