The difference between us and them is our dedication to your results.
Our core is in-store. Our laser focus is on moving your products out of it.

Here are just a few of the things that separate us from the pack.

Dedication to your end result. 

Our company slogan says it all: Get more out of the store. Whereas many of our competitors tout their way, their resources, their sales and their schedules, our focus is on YOUR end result.

We understand that it’s not about how much product we help you get in the store. It’s about how much gets out of it. The results we achieve for our clients, some of which you can find below, reinforce this dedication.

Focus on your brand presence. 

In-store merchandising is at the core of everything we do. We are constantly focused on it and continually investing in it. Our people are dedicated to and specifically developed for it.

Let others boast of "large scale integration." We do not divide our energy or alter our commitment to being the best at identifying and providing retail solutions. Our people are not multi-tasking with their emphasis in other areas. Our core is all about making sure you win in-store. It’s this focus on you that makes us the leading retail merchandising company in the world.
Flexibility to your needs. 

Every client is unique. Every project is unique. Each deserves its own unique solution.

The definition of merchandising is the right product in the right place at the right time in the right quantities at the right price.

To assure that it all comes together in the right way, we provide the most flexibility of any merchandising company: a flexible workforce to adjust to your scale and timing needs, adaptive SPARtrac technology customized to your specific needs and operations optimized for your unique business.
Technology built for merchandising your products. 

Our SPARtrac® Retail Service Operations System is not leased from a third party. It is not adapted from a different primary use. It is a SPAR-built-and-owned, integrated global technology system specifically developed for the merchandising needs of our clients. It manages more than 170 applications, in multiple languages, across the globe to speed information flow, streamline processes, optimize the efficiency and accuracy of our people, and maximize your profits.
Speed-to-shelf through superior, guaranteed execution. 

Others claim speed-to-shelf through scale. We’re not saying big is bad. We have more than 25,000+ Field Associates across the globe and are increasing capacity every day.

But size doesn’t guarantee speed. And, it doesn’t guarantee quality. We’ve spent 50 years – more than double the length the average Retail Service company has been in business1 – developing and refining processes, operations and technology to assure fast, accurate and superior execution.

We are so confident in our operational services and system of checks and balances that we guarantee it. If we don’t get the job done right the first time, we’ll go back in and fix it.

Speed. Plus accuracy. Guaranteed.
Insights from across the globe, applied locally. 

We’re not just a leading retail services company in the U.S. SPAR is the leading retail services company in the world, with offices in six continents across the globe and a workforce of more than 25,000+ and growing every day. We connect brands with their consumers from China Grove, Texas to Shanghai, China.

We are continually observing leading-edge global trends and developing best practices, then using what we’ve learned to ideate and innovate with some of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers. Plus, we have the same system in every country and apply the learnings from one to all.

With SPAR, you get more than fast, accurate retail data. You get global insights, applied locally.
Stability, integrity and experience. 

We’ve been in Retail Services for nearly 50 years, more than three times as long as the 11-15 year average in this industry.1 Most of our senior management and many of our clients have been with us longer than the average company has been in this business. Some of our client partnerships go back 25+ years.

We are committed to serving your merchandising needs. You get the assurance of a partner that’s not only been doing this for a long time, but has been doing it well enough to maintain long-standing client relationships.

You also get the added benefits of a publicly traded company that continually invests back into the business and adheres to the highest standards. Audited financials prove our commitment and assure company stability. Full transparency and accountability guarantee accurate, non-altered data reporting. Compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations ensures the highest level of process standards. And, compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Policies Act ensures ethical operations from company headquarters to the field, across the globe.

Get more out of your merchandising partner. And, get more out of the store. With SPAR.
1. According to the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards June 2014 Benchmark Study, the median length of time in business for a Retail Service Provider is 11-15 years.
We measure our success by that of our clients. Here are just a few examples of some of the results we have been able to help them achieve.

Dedicated To Success 

The largest North American Drug Wholesaler wanted to improve service and information for 3,000+ independent pharmacies.

SPAR was brought in to replace a competitor and implemented a uniquely focused Dedicated Team. Our team built critical store relationships and provided product and store insight that was used to maximize varying layouts and needs.

Aggressive changeovers, new product cut-ins and resets increased sales 14.9% over non-SPAR serviced stores and achieved higher pharmacy satisfaction and retention rates. The program has been delivering continued success for nearly 10 years.
Trading Up 

The largest distributor of tabletop games was looking to drive sales and expand business by ensuring product placement and customer shopability. They were also searching for a new merchandising partner that could improve quality and execution.

SPAR coordinated date-specific merchandiser visits with new release shipments, executed weekly 2-day visit windows to maximize sales, and monitored execution via our real-time SPARtrac management tools.

Sales increased by 20-35% each quarter vs. prior year, three consecutive quarters.
One-Day Blitz 

For the major movie studios, it is imperative that new DVD and Blu-Ray releases are available to and catch the attention of shoppers on the release date. In an industry projecting $10 Billion in sales in 20151, as much as 50%+ happens within the first week of a release2.

For more than 20 years, SPAR has been successfully getting every major studio to the “retail show” on time – placing product, displays and P.O.P. Our one-day new release blitzes cover over 6,000 stores with an execution rate over 99.5% and Day 1 sales as much as 50%+ higher than forecast.

In addition, we continue to manage full inventory of 25MM+ items throughout the year, including low inventory and out-of-stock management, 10MM+ returns processed for open-to-buy, cycle count execution and full physical inventories, providing critical store and SKU-specific inventory information daily. Under our watch, in-stocks have improved to 98%.
1. Michael Arrington, Sr. Analyst, IHS
2. Nash Information Services, The Numbers

1,000,000 Sold 

In a category where display space is both essential and hard to come by, a growing eyewear company was looking to increase its visibility through better merchandising.

To help achieve its growth objectives, SPAR built a flexible, store-specific merchandising and inventory replenishment program. We provided on-demand deployment based on sales requirements and our teams helped secure and maintain incremental display space.

Within 4 years, we helped the company reach 1,000,000 units sold and increase the number of retailers from three to ten. The client deemed it a huge success story, “couldn’t be any happier with the partnership” and “could not have asked for, nor expected more, from their own, very best employees”. The partnership has continued for more than 5 years and counting.
Holiday Rush 

A leading International Electronics Company needed a partner that could execute 20,000 store visits to build, replenish and maintain displays during a critical 6-week Holiday time frame.

They found the partner they were looking for in SPAR. We were able to quickly deploy national coverage to ensure full program compliance. In addition, through our SPARtrac Retail Service Operations System, we were able to provide real-time reporting to monitor thousands of weekly visits and make critical adjustments as needed.

The result was a 98%+ on-time execution rate and an average weekly sales increase of nearly 40% over non-SPAR serviced stores.
Sell More, Waste Less 

When it comes to selling Cosmetics in the Drug channel, it’s critical to make sure you’re displaying what’s in when it’s in and not when it’s out. When the new spring collection comes out, there is a very small window to get it in the store and on the shelves.

A leading Drug chain utilized SPAR as its Dedicated Merchandising Partner because of our ability to execute complex fixture installs and full resets within this small window and improve performance. More product on shelf on time meant less backroom inventories and waste.

We provided Dedicated Teams managing workflow through our SPARtrac Retail Service Operations System to achieve 100% execution in all stores. Full resets under the budgeted hours of 120 per store across 2500 stores. Over 6MM SKUs merchandised. Over 1.1MM SKUs cut-in. Average sales increased nearly 10% over non-SPAR merchandised stores. Average inventory decreased over 9%. And, waste decreased almost 3%. In other words, what’s in got in in time to get the most profits out.
45 in 5 

When a major Grocery company wanted faster new item cut-ins than what they were receiving, they turned to SPAR.

We provided Dedicated Teams who “owned” specific stores and guaranteed five-day cut-ins across full chain. 45 new items per week per store in 5 days or less.

The result was an increase in sales of $26.5MM and manufacturer funding of the program. “SPAR’s speed-to-shelf and category implementation program took us from a 1.5 to an 8 in just 5 months!”

What we do and how well we do it has a direct impact on who we do it for, how long we’ve been doing it for them, and what they have to say about it.

Below are just a few of more than 100 client partnerships we have today.

When charged with providing front-end drugstore support for what has become a franchise of more than 3500 independent pharmacy retailers, McKesson needed a partner that not only had the required experience and expertise, but also had the ability to scale rapidly with our growth. SPAR has fit this bill perfectly.

They have become a critical component of our nationwide program to help our customers maximize the productivity of their front-end operations through the execution of monthly in-store merchandising initiatives and “as-needed” store resets and major remodels. SPAR has demonstrated the ability to be innovative, supportive, flexible, responsive and accountable. Beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, they have proven to be a proactive, collaborative partner that has helped us develop and provide a first-of-its-kind, industry-leading retail service support program to the independent community-pharmacy segment.
- Chuck Wilson, VP, Health Mart Pharmacy Operations, McKesson
We appreciate everything you have done to make this roll-out so successful. We could not have asked for, nor expected more, from our own very best employees. We are off to a tremendous start and I couldn’t be more happy with our partnership.
- Dave Cotton, Director of Retail Services, Icon Eyewear
Our partnership with SPAR has been tremendously instrumental as we continuously improve our third-party merchandising services. Together, we have collaborated on training, conducted performance audits, and implemented lessons learned. SPAR understands our need for accurate and timely execution, and they strive every day to meet our high expectations.
- Kelley Cooper, Director MPMO, Family Dollar
SPAR Canada has been a valued partner to the Koodo team as we have grown our Canadian retail business over the last few years. Their experience and expertise has been a key factor in the success of our field sales team. We look forward to continuing our working relationship and evaluating further opportunities to work together.
- Nancy Thomas, Director, Channels at Koodo Mobile
We started to collaborate with SPAR (Shanghai) in 2011 to arrange an important promotion with an important key account. Their promotion management definitely helped our group in reaching sales targets, implementing the daily off-take of our brand in-store.

We sincerely recommend SPAR to all those FMCG companies who want to improve their brand penetration in the Chinese market.
- Simone Tarabusi, Business Development Manager, Salov S.p.A. Singapore Branch