SPAR Group is the world’s leader in retail merchandising and field marketing services,
a publicly traded company with operations across six continents.

With the shift to omni-channel commerce has come a rise in the importance of visual merchandising to strengthen
the brand experience in-store, making it more important than ever to get more out of your retail presence.

Get more than your product in the store.

Get the right product in the right place at the right time in the right quantities at the right price.
Get it done right. Get it done on your schedule. Get it customized to your needs.

Get it globally, and locally.

Get it with insightful, actionable data in real time.

And, get more sales and higher profits as a result.

Demand more. Get more.
At SPAR, our dedication in-store allows you to...

Get more out of the store.™
To maximize our clients’ sales and profits through the dedication of our people, processes and technology to providing the most effective and efficient field marketing services.
To be the global leader in field marketing services that engage consumers with our clients’ brands, enhance their retail presence and grow their sales, while providing opportunities for our people to grow.
  • SPAR Founded
    SPARline Software Introduced

    SPAR was founded in 1967 with the introduction of SPARline promotion productivity software, the first baseline and promotion analysis software.

  • Expansion Into Retail Merchandising

    SPAR expands its business from retail promotion analysis to retail merchandising with the acquisition of Gelco.

  • Expansion Into Data Collection

    SPAR adds value for its clients with the addition of in-store data collection and testing, market research and mystery shops through the acquisition of Burgoyne.

  • Expansion of In-Store Analytics Capabilities
    Expansion Into Entertainment Merchandising
    First Interactive Data Delivery System

    With the acquisitions of Marketing Force and Ehrhart-Babic, SPAR becomes the industry leader in home entertainment merchandising while expanding its capabilities in control store testing, market research and data collection. It was during this time that SPAR provided the first interactive data delivery system.

  • First to Introduce Handheld Data Collection and Web Reporting

    SPAR was the first in the retail merchandising industry to implement mobile handheld technology. Integrating it with web reporting, SPAR led the way in providing fast, vast and accurate inventory data, a leadership position it continues to hold today.

  • Expansion Into Grocery and New Store Sets & Remodels
    SPAR listed on the NASDAQ exchange

    SPAR Group, Inc. is formed, and becomes a publicly traded company, when SPAR merges with PIA Merchandising Services, the largest in-store services company in the U.S. This key merger enables SPAR to expand its business into Grocery and New Store Sets & Remodels.

  • Expansion into Japan

    SPAR goes global with expansion of its retail merchandising business into Japan.

  • Introduction of Multilingual Systems Capability

    Conversion of SPAR’s technology system to multilingual provides the capability to use the same system worldwide and have a client up and running in a new country in less than a month.

  • Introduction of Windows-Based Handheld Technology

    SPAR pioneers the use of the Windows platform for the merchandising industry when it releases its technology application for Windows-based handhelds. This enables more accurate data collection, more storage for more data, picture taking, signature verification, and more.

  • Expansion into Canada

    SPAR expands its North American presence through the acquisition of Canada’s Impulse Merchandising Services.

  • Expansion into India and South Africa

    With the expansion into India and South Africa, SPAR continues to grow its international presence and provide its global clients with greater continuity.

  • Expansion into China
    First to Introduce Mobile Wireless Data Collection

    SPAR enters the largest consumer market in the world with the establishment of SPAR (Shanghai) Field Marketing, providing merchandising services, data collection and in-store demonstration.

    SPAR is the first company in the merchandising industry to provide real-time data via a WiFi enabled wireless connection when it converts its technology platform to Windows Mobile, making real-time reporting and real-time issue resolution a reality.

  • Expansion into Australia

    SPAR forms SPAR FACTS Australia to provide merchandising and associated marketing services on its fourth continent.

  • SPAR introduces RFID technology
    First to Implement End-To-End Paperless
    Merchandising Process

    SPAR is the first merchandising company to use RFID for tracking when it institutes a program to track promotional displays and personnel servicing those displays.

    SPAR also begins its “paperless project” as part of a global sustainability push. In the next four years, a global end-to-end paperless merchandising process will be fully implemented.

  • First to Provide Real-Time
    Data Collection via Smartphones

    SPAR leads the industry again when it brings its technology platform to Smartphones, greatly increasing the ease, speed and scale at which it can provide data to its clients without the need of WiFi. The system also includes location-based GPS tracking.

  • Expansion of U.S. and Canadian Coverage
    Expansion Into Assembly Services

    SPAR increases its presence in Canada with the acquisition of Wings & Ink, while also expanding its U.S. coverage and gaining assembly services with its acquisition of National Marketing Services and National Assembly Services.

  • Expansion into Mexico and Turkey
    Further Expansion into China
    Complete Global Paperless Merchandising Process

    SPAR expands into the rapidly growing Mexican market with the formation of SPAR TODOPROMO, SAPI, de CV, providing in-store merchandising and demonstration services throughout Mexico.

    SPAR forms SPAR NDS, based out of Turkey, to provide merchandising and demonstration services in its fifth continent (Europe).

    SPAR forms SPAR DSI Human Resources Company to further expand its operations in China, gaining the capability to provide Human Resources, a very complicated process in China.

    In addition, what began as a Sustainability initiative in 2007 has resulted in the complete automation of SPAR’s entire merchandising services process, end-to-end from recruiting to reporting.

  • Expansion of Merchandising & Audit Business

    The acquisition of Market Force Information’s Merchandising & Audit Business from the “world’s leading customer intelligence supplier” enables SPAR to enhance its unparalleled Audit capabilities for both manufacturer and retailer clients.

  • Further Expansion into China

    SPAR Shanghai acquires several businesses to greatly expand its integrated marketing services business and coverage in China. Expanded services include in-store merchandising, promotion, auditing, mini road shows, and POP material design, creation and production services.

  • SPAR Launches SPARtrac®,
    the first Global Retail Service Operations System

    SPARtrac, the culmination of years of development on a Global Retail Service Operations System first introduced in 2000, manages over 170 applications in multiple languages across the globe to speed information flow, streamline processes, optimize efficiency and accuracy, and maximize SPAR clients’ profits.

  • SPAR Expands into Brazil

    SPAR enters its sixth continent, now reaching 50% of the world’s population, with the formation of SPAR Brazil to provide merchandising, in-store promotion and other marketing and retail services throughout Brazil.

Experience does matter. With the average Retail Service provider being in business less than 15 years1, it’s assuring to know that with SPAR, your merchandising business is being run by people who’ve been doing this for longer than many of our competitors have even been in business.
1. The median length of a Retail Service Provider is 11-15 years according to the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards June 2014 Benchmark Study.
SPAR has instituted numerous programs to help keep our planet green, including:
* Global Paperless Process and SPAR Route are both part of the SPARtrac® Retail Operations System.
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